Tree Care

You can rest assured that a certified arborist inspected your trees

All our recommendations made are for the overall health of your plant material. The safety of your property and family were also taken into consideration. Corrective pruning consists of the removal of dead diseased or weak limbs. Thinning and shaping reduces the “sail effects” of the canopy during windy conditions and improves the overall appearance. Thinning also allows better air movement throughout the canopy reducing conditions favorable for leaf disease. Cabling provides additional support for weak limbs and is recommended as needed.

Topping is not recommended as it can cause considerable damage or death to your trees.

Deep Root Fertilization

Fertilization of shade and ornamental trees and shrubs is money well spent! Healthy, vigorous growing trees and shrubs are less susceptible to the ravages of insect, disease, and drought conditions. In many subdivisions, the topsoil is removed prior to construction and plant material is left to grow in unfertile sub-soil. Our unique fertilizer will supply the nutrients for superior growth and will last for 2 full years. It is injected directly into the root zone.

“Topping Trees” – Right or Wrong & Why

Angel Oak would have pruned the trees by thinning and reducing back to “lateral” branches. Some of you do not know what a lateral branch is and actually it is hard to describe, but I will attempt to guide you. One cannot make cuts at random across the tops of the tree or trees. The cuts should be made to another limb growing out of the side of the “main limb”; the smaller limb should not be smaller than 1/3 of the limb being cut. This is definition of proper trimming according to ANSI Standards.

One might inquire as to “why” this is so wrong to top a tree. The answer is because top-cuts do not heal as fast and decay can set in; topping causes rapid sucker growth – which is not healthy for the tree. Topping also takes away from the “natural” appearance of the tree. A “natural” appearance is asthetically pleasing to the eye and also helps to enhance property value and curb appeal.